Cathy Rarick - Actors Spotlight

In the theater community we get the wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of exceptionally talented people. During the two months we spend together on any given show we all become a family of sorts and usually go long periods of time without working with the same people again and when we get the good fortune to work with each other again it’s as if no time has passed and we pick up where we left off the last time. One actor in this production of The Christmas Spirit started at BCT at age 9 in Wait Until Dark, also directed by Sherron Henry. Although Cathy Rarick has been involved with shows under the direction of others she always enjoys the opportunity to come home and experience the magic of a Henry show all over again. Ms. Rarick had nothing but lovely things to say about Sherron stating “I love being a part of Sherron’s shows because she is so professional, which I appreciate. She is also an expert at balance, making sure we all have fun but also making sure she puts on a high quality show. I know she’s not going to let us go out there looking like fools. She’s somebody I really look up to and I respect. I respect her talent and she makes good use of our time so we can have a life outside of the show.” The two share a unique relationship being that Sherron directed Cathy in her very first play. Cathy credits Sherron for her positive introduction to the theatre and helping her develop as an actor.

Growing up Cathy had very involved and loving parents who raised her to be a strong, well rounded young woman. She got her start in theatre as one in a long list of extracurricular activities aimed at making her a well-rounded person. She grew up in the area and says that she loves Brookville so much that when she married husband Brad, also in the cast, they decided to settle in this charming community. Part of what they love about Brookville is the Brookville Community Theatre. They enjoy participating in activities that give them the opportunity to spend time together. The last time they appeared onstage it was as a couple getting engaged in Things my Mother Taught Me. Cathy was thrilled because Brad had to say nice things to her each night during the show that ended in a proposal. This go round is a bit different for the couple as they play a brother and sister who consistently give each other a hard time.

Bringing the character of Beth to life has been fun for Cathy who has a lot in common with the character. “We both have a similar relationship with our mothers. We constantly give our moms a hard time but at the end of the day we’d do anything for them.” Drawing from life helps her bring life to her character like when she has do get snarky onstage she thinks of arguments she has had with her sister who shares a name with her stage persona. When asked what she hopes the audience takes away from the show said that she hopes they have a good time. This show is an emotional rollercoaster but it is mainly a comedy, “I hope everyone can laugh and just forget about the world and have a good time, but it will make them think a little bit at the end. I don’t want to give anything away but I hope it makes them leave valuing their families and the time that they have on earth.”

If you have the time please stop in and see this amazingly talented young woman, along with the rest of this high quality cast and crew in BCT’s production of The Christmas Spirit.

Until next time, from behind the curtain,