Stephanie Bryson - Actor Spotlight

After sixteen years offstage Stephanie Bryson decided to chase her dream of being in community theatre by auditioning for Pygmalion here at BCT. Much to her surprise she landed a leading role the first time out of the gate when she was cast in the role of Eliza Doolittle. This mother of two teaches in the dental hygiene clinic at Sinclair Community College and wanted to do one show to “get it out of her system” before starting graduate school next year, however, her involvement with this show has seemed to have the opposite effect as she is already looking forward to her next show as well as the day she will get to introduce her young daughters to the world of theatre.

Stephanie’s first experience with BCT has been in her words “amazing”. She is grateful to be working with a cast full of veterans who help her by working with her and offering support and encouragement. She was also excited to see a familiar face onstage when Larry Lindstrom, a co-worker from Sinclair, was also cast in the show. She draws inspiration for her character from real life by connecting with Eliza on a personal level. She says that her own personality is not that far off from Eliza because they are both very outspoken and possess the same “fire and flare”, they share a desire to better themselves while still staying true to who they are. She holds Eliza close to her heart because she is a special character and she enjoys bringing her to life with sass and sophistication.

Outside of the theatre Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family as well as cooking and reading. She is a fan of Stephen King novels and appreciates his attention to detail. I for one am excited to welcome Stephanie to the BCT family and cannot wait to see where this talented actor goes next.

Until next time, from behind the curtain