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Caricature by Dennis Porter

"It's Only A Play" by Terrence McNally
April 2004

Bonnie (Director)

"I'm the director, that's why."

Rachael & Starla (Julia & Emma)

"Can we go home now?"

George (James)

"Terrible, just terrible!"

Bobbi (Virginia)

"You wanna hit?"

Rachael (Julia)

"Is there another?"

Starla (Emma)

"I love the theatre myself."

Scott (Co-director)

"Need more Torch yummies?"

Rachael, Starla, Daina & Bobbi

"Please, no more notes!"

Bud (Peter)

"I sent him a mass card..."

Ryan (Frank)

"What did you think?"

Kyle (Ira)

"I'm Caroline Comstock!"

Daina (Gus)

"New York folk are nice."


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